Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A new Vampire series

yo-ho! (said in a pirat-ey tone) I have read more books...it's amazing what breast feeding gives you time to do (yes it just typed that out loud). anyway i finished that other charlaine harris series (which is great (and what's with all of my words in parenthesis?)). anyway...here is another series. yes it involves vampires...and yes the covers of the book look like some cheesy teenage romance...(which it kind of is) but it is way good!! one of my pitcher's mom's gave me the book and i just ran with it...reading each in a day or two.

Anyway let me give you the rundown. Rose is the main character. She is snarky, sarcastic, and kind of a badass (i'm assuming only week look at this site b/c i just cussed and i don't want to offend others...but really its the only way to describe rose (i really did try to think of another word)). k so she is a guardian in training and in real life for her bff who is a vampire princess...there is really more to it than that but it takes a fourth of a book to explain it...so i would rather y'all read it for yourself. so yeah...i have the books. danni has the 1st but i may steal it back to send to val...and whatnot b/c i gave danni a grip of books that she can read instead :)

Vamp Academy is book 1. Frostbite book 2. Shadow Kiss is 3 and...the 4th comes out in 14 days (i'm excited (really))!