Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ketchup :)

ello ladies! so this is just a hi howareya! and i have been reading a few titles that y'all have suggested. just a few titles that i have enjoyed lately...well the 4th Vamp Acad book came out and it was fantastic...danni is now reading those, and soon i will be sending them out to val...kris if you are interested...steal them from her :)...val was also amazing enough to send me the Lovely Bones and Baby Proof...very good if y'all haven't read them yet (danni, kris, and kellianne)......and danni gave me this book

it's called Lovehamptons...and it was cute and fun and i really liked it. it's about a woman who goes through a 2 year funk after her boyfriend surprisingly dumps her...and her closest friends have an intervention and set her up in a singles house in the Hamptons that she goes to every weekend of that summer. she also gets made over by a reality tv show...and really it's just fun. read it.

k the next book i read was Naughty Neighbor, by Janet Evanovich. Also took me 3 hrs to read it. And since I know how much y'all like stephanie plum (or atleast i do) y'all would enjoy this too!! the funny woman character .........(going off on a minor tangent.....i can't remember the characters names for any of these all! i'm ashamed, but i have been breezing through books left and right and all i can remember is plot lines. sorry. kthxbi) i was saying the funny woman character shares a duplex like place in d.c. with a man she has never met...yet each are annoyed witheachother because of what they hear through eachothers walls. well when they finally come face to face there is obvious attraction that they keep hidden...i'm sure you know where this story is going...anyway, she works for a congressman and is fired when they think she keeps company with this man....the man who has uncovered some secret that a few politician are trying to cover yeah, it's about them figuring out what is being kept hidden behind the curtain.

lastly the Shack. great book. covers alot of ground over how Christians view the trinity. it's more than that...i don't know really how to explain it without either taking it lightly or not doing it justice....and so you know, it's a fictional isn't a "how to be a christian" has scandal, sorrow, fellowship....ya know what...just go buy it.

so yeah i was trying to read another story but i think i'm just going to go back to new moon. :/