Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nicholas Sparks by far is one of the best authors for romance; his love stories are phenomenal and also heart wrenching. Again and again I find myself crying my eyes out after reading his novels. They're so amazing and so real because they leave you with real life situations that otherwise would not be thought about. I just got done with his novel The Choice and boy was it a good one! The main character Travis Parker has everything a man could want; a good job, loyal friends a great home in a small town and good surroundings. He doesn't have any real need in being in a relationship because he thinks it may cramp his lifestyle. This is until he meets his new neighbor, Gabby, a red head who is aggravated by Travis' free lifestyle. Needless to say an amazing love begins to unfold which leads them to some important choices that need to be made. Quite frankly Travis is the man of my dreams. He's adventurous, athletic and loves the outdoors and apparently he's hot too, that alone should get you to read this great book. Definitely a great love story like all of Sparks' others.

"Anyone But You" by Jennifer Crusie

Ok I randomly picked this book up at the library because a basset hound was on the front. Well it turns out its a basset/beagle mix (like Mally) who brings a 40 year old divorcee and a 30 year old bachelor doctor together. It is such a good romance and its only 200 pages long. JD you would really really really like this one. TRUST ME! Go get it at the library. It is so cute! The end of the book is GREAT!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Books - Kind of Steamy and Risque

Ok girls, I have read two books in this series called "The Dark Hunter" Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. And let me tell you - they are steamy romance novels. And by steamy I mean STEAAAMMMYYY. I debated on whether or not to tell you about them even. But I could not help myself after the last one because they are SO GOOD! Bear with me here...

The first one in the series is called "Fantasy Lover" - I mean it has sex-filled romance novel all over it right. Well, it is about a Greek warrior named Julian who was banished to a page in a book for the rest of his life unless summoned by someone who only wants him as a "sex slave" for a month at a time. Yeah - crazy. Well a girl named Grace is best friends with a crazy palm reader named Selena. Well Selena had picked the book up in an old book store and figured out the legend behind it. okingly she and Grace get drunk on wine and pizza one night and summon Julian. And he actually shows up and Grace freaks and wants nothing to do with him. Well, the story starts from there and is such a good easy romance novel.

The second book is called "Night Pleasures" (I mean couldn't the titles be a little less embarassing?) It is about Julian's best friend from ancient Greece named Kyrian of Thrace. Well HE was punished for eternity by agreeing to become a "Dark-Hunter". And can you guess what a dark hunter is ladies??? Thats right - a vampire. There are four types of dark hunters, and Kyrian's duty is to protect humans from the bad dark-hunters. Well he wakes up in a cement room hand-cuffed to none other than Selena's sister, Amanda. Remember Grace's crazy palm reader friend. And that is where their story starts.

They are very easy reads! There are like 17 of them or something. And the characters in each book are all tied together somehow. And don't worr, the titles eventually get a little less embarassing to read in public. Haha!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


so.. just wanted to post something to say hey to my TCBC bitches!!

i don't have anything to recommend, unless you plan on taking up staring at computer screens for hours on end and worshipping people that are not published... i have an obsession with reading fanfictions.. which are just stories written by.. yeah.. you guessed it.. fans.. and some of the stories just amazing! they're not all about exactly twilight's world.. i like reading the stories where all the characters in twilight are human.. it's interesting to see where different authors take the characters.. it's fun.. yes.. i know.. you don't have to tell me.. i have no life. :(

but yeah.. miss you all! and i hope everyone is doing well!

love you girls..
it has nothing to do with the BC, but.. it was just too cute not to share!!! i miss having my hamster.. she was such a cute little critter.. i can't even count how many times i lost her in the house! hahahaha..