Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Host

Okay so I am excited that this is my first blog on our webpage and I think I'm finally starting to figure out how this works. It's taken me a few trial and errors but I'm coming around. Let me just say that I blogged a whole page and forgot to save it and somehow it disappeared while I was trying to upload the cover of The Host. So here it goes, I'm trying it again. I just finished the book The Host written by our dearest beloved author Stephanie Meyer and let me tell you it was a difficult book to get into. It starts off incredibly slow and confusing, but as you get into it, about a quater of the way it gets more intersting. It took me twice as long to finish this book then it did to finish all four of the Twilight series. I do have to say that the ending shocked me and was so much better then I expected it to be, which of course is a plus. Although this book is not one of my favorites and is not on my top list, I still recommend it because it is nothing like you've read before.
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Friday, August 29, 2008

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun.
alright girls...i know we do our email tag just about every day...and the subjects of the emails are always centered around our beloved Stephenie Meyer. i just wanted to know what you think about her semi temper tantrum. and it may not even be that...which she deserves to throw one. anyway, i'm putting my opinion out there...and i want to know your responses. maybe she will stumble upon our blog and find it out of the goodness of her heart to continue this story that we love so dearly.

k. so i absolutely have no idea what she can be feeling right now, because it seems that things just keep hitting her from every angle. first with the release of breaking dawn...and then she received all of the undeserved backlash from the book (which again i think is perfect in its entirety) and then this happens. Midnight Sun, or most of it is leaked to the world...and anyone who has been anticipating it from the released first chapter on her site had to have been dying to read it when they heard the news. i would have to say it was the closest i can get to understanding her world of vegetarian vampires...because if this manuscript were a human...and i were a newborn...i definitely failed the task of resisting what means so much to us.

i just about sprinted to my computer...knocked pictures off the wall and broke my toe running into the bed to get these chapters downloaded on my computer...why? is it wrong? i'm sure on some level...but for me, and i'm sure MILLIONS like me wanted more of the world Stephenie created...and is that wrong? to me, noPe (with a popping noise on the P). i know i don't control Meyer's feelings, but she should see that the sole person who may have ruined the surprise for her readers was the one who ruined this for her. i know she may want to primp up the story in its entirety for her fans...but putting it on hold indefinitely hurts me as a huge fan...i literally felt my heart break. i WANT this book...and i'm not the only one i'm sure...but her being so angry at one person, causes her to quit writing a story that is already written doesn't make sense. it makes me feel punished for loving her story. Stephenie, i apologize for not staying away...but i can't hold out indefinitely for this book...i need it like Renesmee needs steel nipples (on her bottle...i hope y'all got that).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Certain Slant of Light

Hello friends! I miss you all so much! I already told you about this book, but I still wanted to blog about it!

I recently read this book called A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb and let my say, it is VERY interesting. It is the story of a ghost named Helen (ghosts are called “Light” in the book) who attaches herself to certain humans to haunt (not in a scary way though). No one can see her not even the person she attaches herself too. Helen cannot see other “Lights” either. Until one day someone sees her. She finds out he is also a “Light” who has taken over a human body that lost its “spirit” – but the body is still alive. So he can taste and smell and touch, but Helen cannot because she does not have a human body. They are both 20 something people stuck in teenagers body – and they are CRAZY about each other. But they cannot feel each other or kiss or anything. She finds a way to attach herself to him and haunt him and then finds a body to inhabit so she can feel human and most importantly KISS him. Oh my gosh – I am so ready to read at lunch. You girls are really going to like it. Let me warn you - the end is kind of weird - and there was some unanswered questions for me. (Good 'ol Stephenie Meyer is definitely the best author EVER) Anyway - go buy it. I know JD aleady has. I just started on the classic novel Jane Eyre. I usually have a hard time with classics but I will let you know how it goes!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What it is? (Ghetto slang)

i hate fighting with internet layouts and whatnot so i gave up on trying to get good pictures of the books on my post. so anyway...just enjoy!

Gregory Maguire has created this fantastic world of just...i dunno...craziness to the fairytells that we were raised on. i started with Wicked (partial cover to the left) and i believe that is the first book of the non-series. i started these books in the middle of my true series mania (harry and twiligh) and i really couldn't move away from those books (still having issues) so i haven't finished this series yet.

and it's really no series because the books are hardly related...well except two. anyway...what you need to know to get your appetite wet is that Wicked is about the wicked witch of the west...and her back story as to why she has become the "wicked" witch...and in light of her eyes...she totally doesn't deserve the title...why? well read the book and you will understand...sometimes when you read it you may think...seriously did that just happen? and it's a little grown up...definitely more than twilight. anyway there is love, violence, rape, and all sorts of a crazy mess that i like to call greatness.

other books in the quazi series...Son of a Witch...(which is somewhat part 2 to Wicked)....Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (which i will start once i finish Son of a Witch...which i will finish when i can put Breaking Dawn down)...Mirror Mirror...and Lost. I don't have those yet...but I'm sure they are must buys!

Peace out and I love you girls!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello Fellow Friends Gone Nerdy...

OK girls, here is most first addition to our much talked about "book club blog" and let me just say how friggin' excited I am.

Topic A:

I love the whole Twilight series from start to finish, with Breaking Dawn definitely being my favorite. Gosh what an incredible writer that Stephenie Meyer is. So now we must wait another year for Midnight Sun to come out, and let me tell you, I am already counting the days. (Is there a release date ladies?)

Topic B:

I have recommended these books to Val and JD, but Kristin I don't know if I told you yet. Janet Evanovich is the name of the author and Stephanie Plum is the main character. If you like a mix between Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, then these books are for you. Short synopsis: Stephanie loses her job as a lingerie buyer, and with nowhere else to turn, takes a job as a Bounty Hunter at her Uncle's bond company. She is so so funny and so so Italian. Her love interest jumps from man to man, but her main squeeze is Joe Morelli who she has known since childhood. I am only on book two (Two For The Dough) and there are fourteen of 'em. The first one in the series is called "One For The Money" by the way.

Topic C:

I am also in the middle of a Nicholas Sparks kick and recently finished a book called True Believer. Good love story if you are interested.

Topic D:

I MISS EVERY SINGLE ONE ON YOU GIRLS! I cannot wait to see you JD and Val. Only like 4 1/2 more weeks!!! And Kristin - you need to make a trip to Texas and I need to make a trip to California (Arnold Schwarzeneggar voice). I love ya'll!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just a note

Hey Guys, I just added this playlist cuz I was goofing around. If you wanna add songs to it or whatever, email me and i will give you my password and username etc...peace out! Oh, yea, also...i've been reading this book, and it's just phenomenal. i don't know if i have told you about it, but it has vampires...and it's a love story. forgive me if i haven't mentioned it yet, but it's called Breaking Dawn and it is absolutely AMAZING!!

okbye! (JD posted this btw)...and can i also note how funny it is that in the 2 pics that we are all next to each other, i had to crop people out...just cuz they aren't in our little club. how cool that 4 years ago we basically knew just where to stand.

kbye (really).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vampires, Vampires, Vampires!

So, if you liked Twilight. Which I already know all of you did.
Might I suggest for my first book recommendation, even if i've
mentioned it before...

The House of Night series by PC and Kristen Cast

It's a really good series about vamps in a completely different world
from the one that Stephenie Meyer had brought us into.... They are
very easy to read... I know because it made a whole week pass by like
nothing while I was waiting impatiently for Breaking Dawn.

The protagonist is a sixteen year old girl named Zoey. She's got a
great sense of humor and for the most part is just like every other
girl in high school until she gets Marked by a vampyre tracker. Yes,
that's how they spell vampyre. And then her life changes, in a way she
wasn't sure of, but came to realize it might have been what she was
looking for all along.

So there are three books out right now, the fourth book comes out at
the end of September and I really think you guys might enjoy it.
Especially if you like vampires as much as I do. Plus it's fun to
picture who you would want to play the characters in a movie or TV
show, should they make it into one.

Book 1 - Marked
Book 2 - Betrayed
Book 3 - Chosen
Book 4 - Untamed (release: September 23, 2008)

Whoo hoo!! My first recommendation!

You guys don't have to read it. Just thought I'd share it. Since this
is what the blog is for.

I wanna hear some book recommendations from you guys!! Start posting!

iPhonezy out....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Test post

Hi girls!! Yay! We're set up!!

This is very exciting!!

Can't wait to start talking about all our books!

iPhonezy out....

The Beginning of a Great Thing.

Well, here is my first post. And I know that we all know what book we just ALL just read...but I figure the book or series that truly brought this blog about should be given the first blog.
So with that being are we supposed to do this? Do we write a mini book report? Do we have spoilers? or are they just 5 second recommendations to eachother???
Since I know we have all read this book...and we have been letting eachother know all of our favorite parts...I would just like to say how much I totally appreciate Stephenie for ending it the way she did...I mean, WOW. I've never been more happy, I didn't have to let go of a character because of a death...and I got to see my Romeo and Juliet stay together, forever...literally. I love it.
So y'all tell me how you think we should do this book club blog...and I will keep writing like I'm from Texas (<--- the y'all).
Love you twilight more :)