Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Beginning of a Great Thing.

Well, here is my first post. And I know that we all know what book we just ALL just read...but I figure the book or series that truly brought this blog about should be given the first blog.
So with that being are we supposed to do this? Do we write a mini book report? Do we have spoilers? or are they just 5 second recommendations to eachother???
Since I know we have all read this book...and we have been letting eachother know all of our favorite parts...I would just like to say how much I totally appreciate Stephenie for ending it the way she did...I mean, WOW. I've never been more happy, I didn't have to let go of a character because of a death...and I got to see my Romeo and Juliet stay together, forever...literally. I love it.
So y'all tell me how you think we should do this book club blog...and I will keep writing like I'm from Texas (<--- the y'all).
Love you twilight more :)


  1. hmmm... The logistics of this blog are a little tricky. But I think after a while we'll fall into a rhythm.

    This is going to be fun. Like my social life was crying to be taken advantage of anyway. It can just sit in the corner chewing on it's hair!

  2. ur a nerd...that's why i love you!! so i can't figure out how to become a contributor...stupid computers!