Monday, November 23, 2009

It's been to long

I can't even believe how long its been since I last posted, but I am happy to say I was excited when I logged on and saw a bunch of new posts from JD. I was in need of some new recommendations. I'm going to have to check out the new Janet Evanovich books and Dan Brown book. Looking forward to it. Well I have definitely been on the reading frenzy but mostly from books ya'll had recommended before. I finished the dirty Dark Hunter series Danny recommended a long time ago, which by the way are steamy, sexy and surprisingly good. I also started reading the True Blood series and am now on book three but have to get the next few.

As of right now I am on a big Nora Roberts kick. Ya I know romance novels blah blah blah, but really I can't seem to stop checking out her books, there great love stories that always have a happy ending. Right now I'm reading one of her books called The Donovan Legacy. It's three stories in one book about three cousins who are witches. Their powers are different but of course they find love and with love comes the struggles with their powers interfering. So far I've read the first two stories and I like what I see. Check it out.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vanishing Acts

Have you ever had a book just sitting on your shelf that just stared at you? And while it stared at you, you could hear it saying, "Just pick me up and read me. I promise you will love me...forget all these other books." Maybe you haven't but I just did. I was given this book probably two years ago, not knowing what it was about. And if you know me...I'm the type of person he doesn't read the jacket of the book because I want to actually be surprised when the plot takes off at the end of the first chapter. It's like with Twilight, I didn't know they were vampires till she found out. If I read the jacket...well I would have known all along. Anyway, that's neither nor there.

So. This 'Vanishing Acts' by Jodi Picoult. case you didn't realize that I loved this book. It's about a woman named Delia, who is raised in New Hampshire next door to her two best friends, Eric and Fitz. Of course they are both in love with her but she really has only noticed Eric in that way...he is her fiance and her babies daddy. There are circumstances that kept her from marrying him for a long time, but at a point she finally said yes because he finally became the man he needed to be for her. Her world is fun and basically perfect...she is a search and rescue person with her bloodhound. Reality hits after some findings from her best friend Fitz and when the police show up hauling her dad away to Arizona...the place where he kidnapped her from 28 years ago.

Why did he do it? Well, that's part of the awesomeness of this story. The other thing is this is a love triangle...and we all know how I feel about those. She doesn't choose who I want her to but I understand I'm not giving up that information so don't ask.

This is mainly focused around the trial and preparation for it. And each main character is given his own Point of View, so you feel more for each character. You don't have to wonder what someone is thinking, because it is beautifully written around each character. Really I love this book. Two thumbs up...5 stars. Whatever.

Lastly, since book stores always sell music I want to tell you about this greatness that I discovered. I was recently asked by someone who sings that "Trouble" song in the Target commercial with the dog...well with my persistence I found it and his name is Ray LaMontagne and I can't stop listening to his music.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Suspensful Mysteries!!

I recently had a few books dropped on my front porch from a friend and most of them were the thrilling, everyone-is-a-suspect, types of books. So far I have sifted through two titles, Chosen to Die and The Front.

Chosen to Die, by Lisa Jackson, is about a serial killer who captures Detective Regan Pescoli. The Star-Crossed Killer,has kidnapped injured women, tends them until they are healthy again, then photographs them and leaves them to die of exposure. The story continues with a boyfriend who is trying to find the killer on his own while the police team is trying to do the same. It's fun and interesting....and yes, I was able to figure out the bad guy...but I attribute that to the many CSI's and Law and Orders that I keep up with. I believe this book has a companion, Left to Die, but I haven't read that.

Yesterday I started a book called The Front by Patricia Cornwell...and I finished it this morning. It is a short easy read that deals with a conspiracy theory of solving a murder from 1962. There are fun side twists along with this story as well. There isn't much to say in describing this book without leading you to the end. It is up-to-date with terrorists and presidents.