Sunday, September 14, 2008

Something Borrowed

my new fave... ok so it isn't replacing Twilight, but i absolutely adore this book. and each of you should read it. why? well, because the character is us...or at least it's me...and i mean that without the actuality of the story. Rachel, the main character, gets herself into a pickle by sleeping with her best friends fiance the night of her 30th birthday party. (so that part isn't me) but, the way she tells the story, and has hilarious internal monologue that stretches into randoms thoughts that is sooo me...and i know all three of you as well.

another reason to love the book is because we all have a friend like Darcy (the one with the fiance). anyway, Rachel struggles with how to deal with having feelings for Dex and what to do about Darcy in the wedding...i have told you the gist of the book, but i don't want to tell you any more because i don't want to sway any of you on the story line...but know that i LOVED it...and re-read the ending 3 times, because it is so gratifying to hear............well i can't tell you. y'all read it and we will have a discush later :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Left Behind again. so you already know this story...but i feel inclined to tell it again. i started reading these books before college...and 4 books down, i took about an 8 year break before i picked up the fifth book Apollyon. i guess i just wasn't in the mood or i don't know what...but needless to say...after thinking i may need to start over so i can remember details, i decided who wants to start over?? two pages into reading, EVERYTHING comes back to me...even my general emotions that i had when i began the series many moons ago :) if you have no idea what the books are about i will give you a rundown.
the series takes place post Rapture. and is based out of the book of Revelations. in Left Behind the authors start right out with millions of Christians dissappearing. the people left behind try to figure out what happened, but those "Christians" who were lacking in their faith or those who were just not living their lives in the right way..."knew" what happened. this book and the ones after are fiction, but written in a way that makes me fear being one that is left. i know where i am in my faith...but always struggle knowing it can hardly be enough. this is kind of a hard post to blog about for me...because i don't know where y'all would stand after reading these books. only to say that it is a very intense series, and i do need to read a happy book inbetween each book. i finished Apollyon in 2 days...they are very very easy to read once you get going. they are graphic, because they need to be...nothing after the rapture will be easygoing (and now i'm speaking in truth and not books), but............i really don't know what else to say unless you pick up the books yourself to read. i will tell you that i listened to the first book on audio tape b/c that is what my mom had back then...and it is done like a movie. when people dissapear in the airplane and the author is talking about it there are people screaming in the you girls who drive to work...that may be a good one to start with.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Queen of Babble

So I just finished the first book in this series called "Queen of Babble" by Meg Cabot. She wrote the "Princess Diaries" books. These are her adult books. They are SO FUNNY! The girl in them, Lizzie Nichols, has just graduated college (almost) and can't keep her big mouth shut ever! She just lost 30 pounds and is going to visit the boyfriend she has only met for one night who lives in England. She is so crazy. She wears these vintage clothes that everyone thinks look weird and she doesn't care at all. What goes on in her head SO reminds me of us. Jumping from subject to subject. I got book one and two Friday and am half way through book #2 today (Queen of Babble in The Big City). You girls will like them! And they guy in the book, Jean Luc (Luke) is from Houston! Read it, seriously. The third book is called "Queen of Babble Gets Hitched." Kristin I think you will especially love these books!

P.S. My book is hardback and has a different cover so don't be alarmed.

Blogged by Danni

Sad but WONDERFUL books

well girls, let me just say that the tears flowed in this one. i definitely cried the last 30 minutes of me reading the book. then when it was over...the last line made me smile...and cry again.

Danni read the first book to this True Believer. i didn't realize there was a first book so i read the ending first, and still fell in love with the i will probably cry all the way through True Believer knowing the end. it was so good...i can't even tell you guys. and i don't want to tell you too much about it because i may ruin what is in the first storyline. i don't know, maybe i appreciated At First Sight so much, because i have been through the birthing process...and there is just so much to laugh at in this book...and SO much that hit close to home for me when i was carrying Jaxon and being in the hospital giving birth. anyway...i would love for y'all to read this.

and one more tear jerker. i read this over the summer and just thought about blogging about it. i talked about it on my other blog for like 5 seconds...but y'all may have skimmed over it.
i think Val listened to it...anyway. the author also writes the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants you already know the book is going to be cute.
it's about 2 sisters who are both in their 20's (i think...remember i read it during my twilight faze (hehe like that ended)). well the older sis, the athlete/lifeguard, cool girl who has a boy for the best friend, has always been great at being a big sis...the younger who has always had a "secret crush" on her sister's best friend all spend one last summer at their families beach houses. and without giving anything away i can't say any more. there is love/loss/secret romance/and lots of tears to be shed by the reader. i wish i had a sister sometimes when i think about this book.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

hey guys, so i have been reading this book, the lovely bones on and off for about a month and a half because i kept putting down to feed my Twilight addiction. But i really wanted to finish this book because the story was so good!

it's basically told through the eyes of a 14 year old girl who was brutally raped and murdered. she's up in "her heaven" watching her friends and family cope and go on with their lives as they can.

there's not a lot i can say about it without feeling like i'm ruining something. but i can tell you that towards the end it did in fact make me cry a little... i'm really glad i ended up finishing it.. i read over 150 pages in the last two days to finish. but it was worth it. because it's really good. i kind of really suck at summaries.. but yeah.. there it is.. :)

next up... alice sebold wrote lucky: a memoir... it's about her life as a child and then when she was raped at 18. and the aftermath of coping with the horrible incident and trying to find the guy who did it.

ok bye.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Okay ladies so now that we are thinking about reading the classics like Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre I thought I would recommend one of my favorite classics, The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It's been awhile since I read this book so  I don't remember all of the details, but I do remember how much I loved it and how much I couldn't put it down. The characters are like no one you would ever fall in love with, but some how during the book low and behold you do! The story is about an intransigent young architect named Howard, his violent battle against conventional standards and his explosive love affair with a beautiful woman name Dominique, who struggles to defeat him. Dominique and Howard start a love affair that is painful for both of them. She wishes to destroy him because he represents her "ideal" and Howard, no matter what she does to him, keeps coming back because he is faithful and in love (like Edward)!!!  I'm not really good at summarizing books and making them sound appealing, but this book is really good and if you ever get the chance, definitely read it! I plan on re-reading soon hopefully.