Sunday, September 14, 2008

Something Borrowed

my new fave... ok so it isn't replacing Twilight, but i absolutely adore this book. and each of you should read it. why? well, because the character is us...or at least it's me...and i mean that without the actuality of the story. Rachel, the main character, gets herself into a pickle by sleeping with her best friends fiance the night of her 30th birthday party. (so that part isn't me) but, the way she tells the story, and has hilarious internal monologue that stretches into randoms thoughts that is sooo me...and i know all three of you as well.

another reason to love the book is because we all have a friend like Darcy (the one with the fiance). anyway, Rachel struggles with how to deal with having feelings for Dex and what to do about Darcy in the wedding...i have told you the gist of the book, but i don't want to tell you any more because i don't want to sway any of you on the story line...but know that i LOVED it...and re-read the ending 3 times, because it is so gratifying to hear............well i can't tell you. y'all read it and we will have a discush later :)


  1. i'll try and find it and read it before i get over there later this week...


  2. me again.. i'm reading it now.. and i really like it!!

    this is a very cute story.. i'm almost half way done.. and plus like 5 hours of reading time tomorrow morning instead of working!! because i'm on my way to see you guys!! wahoo!!!!

  3. is someone flipping off the camera in our earth, wind, fire, water pic?

  4. haha.. JD.. it must be brian.. he's butt hurt because we didn't get him and kellianne a bracelet.. :)

    just kidding.. i love our bracelets and the other picture!