Friday, September 12, 2008

Left Behind again. so you already know this story...but i feel inclined to tell it again. i started reading these books before college...and 4 books down, i took about an 8 year break before i picked up the fifth book Apollyon. i guess i just wasn't in the mood or i don't know what...but needless to say...after thinking i may need to start over so i can remember details, i decided who wants to start over?? two pages into reading, EVERYTHING comes back to me...even my general emotions that i had when i began the series many moons ago :) if you have no idea what the books are about i will give you a rundown.
the series takes place post Rapture. and is based out of the book of Revelations. in Left Behind the authors start right out with millions of Christians dissappearing. the people left behind try to figure out what happened, but those "Christians" who were lacking in their faith or those who were just not living their lives in the right way..."knew" what happened. this book and the ones after are fiction, but written in a way that makes me fear being one that is left. i know where i am in my faith...but always struggle knowing it can hardly be enough. this is kind of a hard post to blog about for me...because i don't know where y'all would stand after reading these books. only to say that it is a very intense series, and i do need to read a happy book inbetween each book. i finished Apollyon in 2 days...they are very very easy to read once you get going. they are graphic, because they need to be...nothing after the rapture will be easygoing (and now i'm speaking in truth and not books), but............i really don't know what else to say unless you pick up the books yourself to read. i will tell you that i listened to the first book on audio tape b/c that is what my mom had back then...and it is done like a movie. when people dissapear in the airplane and the author is talking about it there are people screaming in the you girls who drive to work...that may be a good one to start with.

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  1. Wow these sound really interesting! My book list is getting out of control, I just want to read everything now. I may take you up on the idea of getting them on tape, it's the only way I will get to some of the books I want in the next few months or so. Hopefully they have them all on tape. I'm a little nervous about these books though because I get totally and emotionally rapped up in books and it affects my mood and if you say these are intense then I need to watch myself.

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