Monday, September 8, 2008

Sad but WONDERFUL books

well girls, let me just say that the tears flowed in this one. i definitely cried the last 30 minutes of me reading the book. then when it was over...the last line made me smile...and cry again.

Danni read the first book to this True Believer. i didn't realize there was a first book so i read the ending first, and still fell in love with the i will probably cry all the way through True Believer knowing the end. it was so good...i can't even tell you guys. and i don't want to tell you too much about it because i may ruin what is in the first storyline. i don't know, maybe i appreciated At First Sight so much, because i have been through the birthing process...and there is just so much to laugh at in this book...and SO much that hit close to home for me when i was carrying Jaxon and being in the hospital giving birth. anyway...i would love for y'all to read this.

and one more tear jerker. i read this over the summer and just thought about blogging about it. i talked about it on my other blog for like 5 seconds...but y'all may have skimmed over it.
i think Val listened to it...anyway. the author also writes the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants you already know the book is going to be cute.
it's about 2 sisters who are both in their 20's (i think...remember i read it during my twilight faze (hehe like that ended)). well the older sis, the athlete/lifeguard, cool girl who has a boy for the best friend, has always been great at being a big sis...the younger who has always had a "secret crush" on her sister's best friend all spend one last summer at their families beach houses. and without giving anything away i can't say any more. there is love/loss/secret romance/and lots of tears to be shed by the reader. i wish i had a sister sometimes when i think about this book.


  1. i liked The Last Summer... I was really sad during it! but it was a really good book!

  2. OKay so I read At first sight and had no idea that their was a first book. I will have to check out True believer because At first sight was awesome and yes a true tear jerker. Never heard of The last summer but it sounds really good.