Monday, September 8, 2008

Queen of Babble

So I just finished the first book in this series called "Queen of Babble" by Meg Cabot. She wrote the "Princess Diaries" books. These are her adult books. They are SO FUNNY! The girl in them, Lizzie Nichols, has just graduated college (almost) and can't keep her big mouth shut ever! She just lost 30 pounds and is going to visit the boyfriend she has only met for one night who lives in England. She is so crazy. She wears these vintage clothes that everyone thinks look weird and she doesn't care at all. What goes on in her head SO reminds me of us. Jumping from subject to subject. I got book one and two Friday and am half way through book #2 today (Queen of Babble in The Big City). You girls will like them! And they guy in the book, Jean Luc (Luke) is from Houston! Read it, seriously. The third book is called "Queen of Babble Gets Hitched." Kristin I think you will especially love these books!

P.S. My book is hardback and has a different cover so don't be alarmed.

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  1. cute cute...gonna have to read it!

  2. It sounds way cute and she sounds like she likes adventures....way cool! Can't wait to read them, I better finish my book now so i can start.