Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Suspensful Mysteries!!

I recently had a few books dropped on my front porch from a friend and most of them were the thrilling, everyone-is-a-suspect, types of books. So far I have sifted through two titles, Chosen to Die and The Front.

Chosen to Die, by Lisa Jackson, is about a serial killer who captures Detective Regan Pescoli. The Star-Crossed Killer,has kidnapped injured women, tends them until they are healthy again, then photographs them and leaves them to die of exposure. The story continues with a boyfriend who is trying to find the killer on his own while the police team is trying to do the same. It's fun and interesting....and yes, I was able to figure out the bad guy...but I attribute that to the many CSI's and Law and Orders that I keep up with. I believe this book has a companion, Left to Die, but I haven't read that.

Yesterday I started a book called The Front by Patricia Cornwell...and I finished it this morning. It is a short easy read that deals with a conspiracy theory of solving a murder from 1962. There are fun side twists along with this story as well. There isn't much to say in describing this book without leading you to the end. It is up-to-date with terrorists and presidents.

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