Thursday, October 15, 2009

Books and Projects

Hey guys...I have been reading some more...I guess I really just don't seem to stop. First let me tell you guys that I added a few little things to our blog...I know a few people who actually look at our blog and our book reviews so I figured I would make it easy for people to buy them if they wanted. Anyway...that is what all this crazy advertizage stuff is. Without further ado...

A week or so ago I read the 3rd installment in the Robert Langdon Trilogy. The Lost Symbol was just as exciting as the first two books. I haven't read a book like this in a long to say that I felt like I was being chased or should be chasing something for about a week would be putting my feelings mildly. So. The Lost Symbol is another loosely "religious" based book where Langdon is forced to look inside his beliefs of whether or not there is a higher power out there. Of course the Masons are involved...there is a crazy bad guy...and I mean this literally. I am terrified to see what this guy will look like in the movie. And more importantly there is a girl for Langdon to be almost sweet on.

It takes place in DC. So like the other two books you will be wanting to take a detailed tour all over Washington when you are through with it. I highly recommend it like I do his other books. Enjoy!

After that I read Time Traveler's Wife, a) because Danni recommended it and b) because I wanted to read it before I saw the movie...I will let you guys look at her review...but basically you will WANT to read this. I cried. I laughed. And it was perfect.

Lastly, I read Metro Girl. This is another title by Janet Evanovich and basically I have decided that she is my favorite author. If I were to have been reading this book outloud...I would have embarrassed myself. Seriously. I can't tell you how many times I laughed out loud. Enough to make Maddi jump in my arms every five minutes.

Metro Girl is about "Barney" a fake blonde from up north who is going to go search for her "missing" brother in Florida. Barney was raised in a garage and watching NASCAR with her when she gets to Florida she is surprised to find out that a big hunky NASCAR driver is also looking for her brother because brother, Wild Bill, stole his boat. The story moves on from there with funny twists and turns. There are great sidekick characters that had me rolling and the bad guys were fantastic. I can't say enough about this book. If you like Stephanie Plum you will love Barney too. There is a companion book to this that I want called Motor Mouth and I will let y'all know when that is read as well. Ok then. That's all for now. Miss you girls....and here's the link as well :)

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