Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What it is? (Ghetto slang)

i hate fighting with internet layouts and whatnot so i gave up on trying to get good pictures of the books on my post. so anyway...just enjoy!

Gregory Maguire has created this fantastic world of just...i dunno...craziness to the fairytells that we were raised on. i started with Wicked (partial cover to the left) and i believe that is the first book of the non-series. i started these books in the middle of my true series mania (harry and twiligh) and i really couldn't move away from those books (still having issues) so i haven't finished this series yet.

and it's really no series because the books are hardly related...well except two. anyway...what you need to know to get your appetite wet is that Wicked is about the wicked witch of the west...and her back story as to why she has become the "wicked" witch...and in light of her eyes...she totally doesn't deserve the title...why? well read the book and you will understand...sometimes when you read it you may think...seriously did that just happen? and it did...it's a little grown up...definitely more than twilight. anyway there is love, violence, rape, and all sorts of a crazy mess that i like to call greatness.

other books in the quazi series...Son of a Witch...(which is somewhat part 2 to Wicked)....Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (which i will start once i finish Son of a Witch...which i will finish when i can put Breaking Dawn down)...Mirror Mirror...and Lost. I don't have those yet...but I'm sure they are must buys!

Peace out and I love you girls!


  1. I tried reading Wicked. I didn't get into it. But I'll try it again... I have a few books that I must finish first. Like harry potter. But I'll definitely give it a try again. Thanks for the recs.

  2. Hey - did someone fix the layout of my pictures on my post? - if you did - THANKS! I played with the friggin' pictures for 10 minutes and gave up so they were off center.

  3. Okay I finally got a page but I don't know what the hell I'm doing how do I add you guys as friends?