Friday, August 29, 2008

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun.
alright girls...i know we do our email tag just about every day...and the subjects of the emails are always centered around our beloved Stephenie Meyer. i just wanted to know what you think about her semi temper tantrum. and it may not even be that...which she deserves to throw one. anyway, i'm putting my opinion out there...and i want to know your responses. maybe she will stumble upon our blog and find it out of the goodness of her heart to continue this story that we love so dearly.

k. so i absolutely have no idea what she can be feeling right now, because it seems that things just keep hitting her from every angle. first with the release of breaking dawn...and then she received all of the undeserved backlash from the book (which again i think is perfect in its entirety) and then this happens. Midnight Sun, or most of it is leaked to the world...and anyone who has been anticipating it from the released first chapter on her site had to have been dying to read it when they heard the news. i would have to say it was the closest i can get to understanding her world of vegetarian vampires...because if this manuscript were a human...and i were a newborn...i definitely failed the task of resisting what means so much to us.

i just about sprinted to my computer...knocked pictures off the wall and broke my toe running into the bed to get these chapters downloaded on my computer...why? is it wrong? i'm sure on some level...but for me, and i'm sure MILLIONS like me wanted more of the world Stephenie created...and is that wrong? to me, noPe (with a popping noise on the P). i know i don't control Meyer's feelings, but she should see that the sole person who may have ruined the surprise for her readers was the one who ruined this for her. i know she may want to primp up the story in its entirety for her fans...but putting it on hold indefinitely hurts me as a huge fan...i literally felt my heart break. i WANT this book...and i'm not the only one i'm sure...but her being so angry at one person, causes her to quit writing a story that is already written doesn't make sense. it makes me feel punished for loving her story. Stephenie, i apologize for not staying away...but i can't hold out indefinitely for this book...i need it like Renesmee needs steel nipples (on her bottle...i hope y'all got that).


  1. ok.. so..

    i get completely what you're saying JD and i feel the same exact way. when i found the leaked chapters, i just about fell off of my chair. then i picked myself up off the ground and called you. haha.. but the knowledge that we might not be able to see the conclusion of Twilight through Edward's perspective.. really is heartbreaking. yeah we know the story. but we also don't know what was going on in his head when he kissed her that last time when bella thought they weren't going to see each other again. or the feeling of panic when he saw her in the ballet studio in crumbled pain by james' hands..

    it's these things that made the readers not able to stay away. we have a love for the story and the characters that it almost unhealthy. but it somehow keeps us sane.

    stephenie meyer is a great author and the way that she can capture these characters and bring them to life so much that we feel we are a part of the story is another reason why we "thirst" for more of the twilight series.

    she's hurt.. it's understandable.. as much as i loved reading the chapters. i wish that it hadn't been leaked. i agree.. reading Midnight Sun in its entirety would have been a freakin' awesome experience. although.. it was still an awesome experience reading what we have now...

    i wanted to give stephenie meyer a hug.. especially after reading her post on her site.. and then i want to punch out the person who leaked the chapters.. because they made her feel that way.

    and that's all she wrote.. no pun intended..

  2. you made me wanna go read twilight. peace out