Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hello Fellow Friends Gone Nerdy...

OK girls, here is most first addition to our much talked about "book club blog" and let me just say how friggin' excited I am.

Topic A:

I love the whole Twilight series from start to finish, with Breaking Dawn definitely being my favorite. Gosh what an incredible writer that Stephenie Meyer is. So now we must wait another year for Midnight Sun to come out, and let me tell you, I am already counting the days. (Is there a release date ladies?)

Topic B:

I have recommended these books to Val and JD, but Kristin I don't know if I told you yet. Janet Evanovich is the name of the author and Stephanie Plum is the main character. If you like a mix between Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, then these books are for you. Short synopsis: Stephanie loses her job as a lingerie buyer, and with nowhere else to turn, takes a job as a Bounty Hunter at her Uncle's bond company. She is so so funny and so so Italian. Her love interest jumps from man to man, but her main squeeze is Joe Morelli who she has known since childhood. I am only on book two (Two For The Dough) and there are fourteen of 'em. The first one in the series is called "One For The Money" by the way.

Topic C:

I am also in the middle of a Nicholas Sparks kick and recently finished a book called True Believer. Good love story if you are interested.

Topic D:

I MISS EVERY SINGLE ONE ON YOU GIRLS! I cannot wait to see you JD and Val. Only like 4 1/2 more weeks!!! And Kristin - you need to make a trip to Texas and I need to make a trip to California (Arnold Schwarzeneggar voice). I love ya'll!


  1. woohoo...once i'm done reading breaking dawn for the 3rd time...and if i feel like i am ready to move on i will be starting in on one for the money...that also puts money into play...i may just pick up a book that i already have that i haven't read...we'll see

  2. Let me just say I am a big Nicholas sparks fan, especially after reading the Notebook. ONe of my fav's. I've read a lot of his books and there all so romantically awesome. I'll have to check out True believer