Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Host

Okay so I am excited that this is my first blog on our webpage and I think I'm finally starting to figure out how this works. It's taken me a few trial and errors but I'm coming around. Let me just say that I blogged a whole page and forgot to save it and somehow it disappeared while I was trying to upload the cover of The Host. So here it goes, I'm trying it again. I just finished the book The Host written by our dearest beloved author Stephanie Meyer and let me tell you it was a difficult book to get into. It starts off incredibly slow and confusing, but as you get into it, about a quater of the way it gets more intersting. It took me twice as long to finish this book then it did to finish all four of the Twilight series. I do have to say that the ending shocked me and was so much better then I expected it to be, which of course is a plus. Although this book is not one of my favorites and is not on my top list, I still recommend it because it is nothing like you've read before.
Posted by Kris


  1. i got this from the library on audio book.. so i'm pretty much only "reading" it when i'm in my car.. i haven't imported into itunes yet to put it on ipod..

    it's still on the first chapter though..

  2. i agree with kris that its hard to get into b/c it's the first of its kind for me to read...but i'm really getting into it now and it's all i wanna do read it!! steph knows her stuff...she knows how to make me crave for more.

  3. yup. i liked it. loved the characters. loved the story. love meyer...she's a genious.