Friday, August 8, 2008

Just a note

Hey Guys, I just added this playlist cuz I was goofing around. If you wanna add songs to it or whatever, email me and i will give you my password and username etc...peace out! Oh, yea, also...i've been reading this book, and it's just phenomenal. i don't know if i have told you about it, but it has vampires...and it's a love story. forgive me if i haven't mentioned it yet, but it's called Breaking Dawn and it is absolutely AMAZING!!

okbye! (JD posted this btw)...and can i also note how funny it is that in the 2 pics that we are all next to each other, i had to crop people out...just cuz they aren't in our little club. how cool that 4 years ago we basically knew just where to stand.

kbye (really).


  1. you're a geek..

    i love the playlist... you should put twilight songs on there..

    i have heard of breaking dawn.. i didn't like it so much.. JUST KIDDING!!! i LOVED it!!!!

  2. I love this play list by the way, its awesome