Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nicholas Sparks by far is one of the best authors for romance; his love stories are phenomenal and also heart wrenching. Again and again I find myself crying my eyes out after reading his novels. They're so amazing and so real because they leave you with real life situations that otherwise would not be thought about. I just got done with his novel The Choice and boy was it a good one! The main character Travis Parker has everything a man could want; a good job, loyal friends a great home in a small town and good surroundings. He doesn't have any real need in being in a relationship because he thinks it may cramp his lifestyle. This is until he meets his new neighbor, Gabby, a red head who is aggravated by Travis' free lifestyle. Needless to say an amazing love begins to unfold which leads them to some important choices that need to be made. Quite frankly Travis is the man of my dreams. He's adventurous, athletic and loves the outdoors and apparently he's hot too, that alone should get you to read this great book. Definitely a great love story like all of Sparks' others.

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  1. i don't know what's wrong with me.. but i've never caught on to nicholas sparks... i read the notebook and i didn't cry at all.. in fact, when i was reading it.. i couldn't wait for it to be over.. i feel defective. :(

    maybe i should try again.