Sunday, February 1, 2009


so.. just wanted to post something to say hey to my TCBC bitches!!

i don't have anything to recommend, unless you plan on taking up staring at computer screens for hours on end and worshipping people that are not published... i have an obsession with reading fanfictions.. which are just stories written by.. yeah.. you guessed it.. fans.. and some of the stories just amazing! they're not all about exactly twilight's world.. i like reading the stories where all the characters in twilight are human.. it's interesting to see where different authors take the characters.. it's fun.. yes.. i know.. you don't have to tell me.. i have no life. :(

but yeah.. miss you all! and i hope everyone is doing well!

love you girls..
it has nothing to do with the BC, but.. it was just too cute not to share!!! i miss having my hamster.. she was such a cute little critter.. i can't even count how many times i lost her in the house! hahahaha..

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  1. howdy! i mean i say hi to you every day...but it's more fun on the blog...what up girls...when i find books to read it's something yall have reccommended and so blogging it is almost pointless...but anyway i guess that's what the blog is for right?!