Friday, December 5, 2008

twiiiiiiiiiiilight fever!

It's me, Kellianne. Thanks for letting me post on here! :) I really feel official now, HOOTY-FREAKN-WHOO!

Well, I must say that I have gotten 2 people in my office to start reading twilight and they LOVE IT. One girl told me she is addicted and is already on New Moon and can't wait to read the next ones! So THANK YOU to my wonderfully cool friends who peer pressured me into reading Twilight..... now look at me.... I LOVE IT! :)

Once I get done reading the series I am going to start reading "Marley and Me". Have any of you read it? I've heard GREAT reviews about it. I actually bought the book to make myself read it after Twilight and the others. Brandon's mom has read it and loved it. OH OH! Speaking of Brandon's mom, I got her to buy Twilight and she is reading it right now. :) Aren't you guys proud of me?

Anyway... go read that book if you haven't!

Bye Girls!


  1. whoo to the hoo!!

    kellianne is officially a BCB-er! with a bracelet to prove it, eh?

    kc's mom has read Marley and Me. she said it was a really good one!

    i honestly haven't read an actual book in like 4 weeks.. you guys won't kick me out, right? :(

  2. holla to the new recruiting member of the TCBCB!!! way to spread the greatest book ever across the city of Houston!!

    so yeah...mehrhoff told me about marley and said she cried her eyes out nearly the entire time...i dunno. i have this weird bond with my dogs that few understand. i dont know if i can read the book. we'll see.

  3. So I am so thrilled Kellianne that you finally gave in and are now an official twilighter and BC blogger. It's wonderful isn't it. I'm a loser and I just got done reading the first 3 books and am waiting for my cousin to return Breaking Dawn so I can finish that one too. I know it's crazy, but once you get started you can't stop.
    love you girls!!