Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello Book Clubbers!

So, I have read two books that I think you should all know about.

First, I read the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series called "Living Dead in Dallas", and it was AMAZING! You girls really need to start these books. Oh how I love them.

Secondly, I read a book called The Sugar Queen, and it was SO cute. The girl in the story is thirty and still lives at home taking care of her mother and LOVES sweets. It is such a good love story! (And kind of paranormal too by the way). It sounds corny but it is such a good read. And really quick too. Take a look at it because I loved it!


  1. know I love to read!

  2. reading?? like out of an actual book, and not on a computer?? i vaguely remember something like that..

    thanks for the recs danni..

  3. so mitch was actually the one who left the first comment...nerd. anyway...i have the first book of sookie's in my purse. i carry it around EVERYWHERE i go...but i can't seem to start it. i blame val b/c she......well it's her fault and she knows it!!! anyway, new obsession of stories...and at some point i will have to stop. probably when my phone blows up from reading them. anyway. i have the first of the series that Ashleigh Cardot is letting me borrow. sometime i will start it...and then i will be calling you to confirm a new true love...have you started that other series o' vamps...o wait i still have the bloody books in my car. i can't believe myself.

  4. ^^ that made me giggle..

    i got a gift card for barnes and noble for xmas.. i'm gonna pick up the first book of Sookie and read it!

    i still have to finish the second book for Stephanie Plum, and well.. yeah.. it is my fault.. i'm sorry jd.. i'm sorry i dragged you into it! HAHAHAHAHAH

  5. So what is the Sookie Stackhouse actually about? I just started the Stephanie Plum Series so it may be awhile before I read anything else. Although I do know Jd finished all 14 books in like a week right?