Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm Finally Done

Yes it has been 4 entire months but I am finally done with all 16 books of the Stephanie Plum series. I have no idea how JD possibly finished all these books in just a few weeks (or was it one week?). I have no clue either way. I do have to say, I really liked the way things are going but I wish Stephanie would make up her damn mind already. If you read the in-between series there is another hunk that comes into play, as if hot Morelli and super sexy Ranger isn't enough. Yikes!!! there's just to many options. 

Any way these are the books that have been on my night stand for the last 4 months. I think I should get some kind of reward for powering through and finishing them. But then JD should get a gold star for finishing them so quickly. So what's on ya'lls night stands? Anything worth reading? What to expect when expecting, (I hope :)  is being read by Danny and maybe what to expect when expecting part 2! I can't wait for the new babies!!!! 

Miss and love you guys!!!!


  1. hehe i think i red them all in a month-ish...it was quite sickening! but i haven't read her last book (the inbetweener)...Plum Lucky or something like that?? it's going to have to wait just a couple more months till my mind is controlled.

    i have a book (other than breaking dawn) on my nightstand...The Shack. I have read half of the 1st chapter...but my granny stole it. So eventually i may have something to post about :)...and kris...i just realized i never called you back. sorry. i'm the worst.

  2. i think jd read them all in like two weeks actually..

    on my night stand i have a bottle of water and i'm trying to power through the second book of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire Series.. i think this one is called Living Dead in Dallas or something like that.

    you know what's funny or completely irritating in a way i'd rather not get into... when i went to seattle last march, my cousin gave me the "what to expect when expecting." how do i react to that??

    hehe.. kristin.. you said Gold Star.. you're such a kindergarten teacher.