Friday, June 19, 2009

Grave Sight i read this book...
really, an actual book with pages binded wasn't on a computer screen and it didn't have pictures like all the books i read to Jaxon. so yeah. this book is called GRAVE SIGHT. it is by the beloved Charlaine Harris, who also writes the A-mazing True Blood Series. And this is just as fun.
So here's the dish...Harper Connelly was struck by lightning when she was younger and was given a gift...or a curse, however you figure. Anyway, she can sense when she is around a dead corpse...and not only can she sense that but she can also see their last moments of life. She has turned her gift into her job, and basically people call on her to find missing bodies...or to see maybe what had killed a person.
of course it's not so simple...people think she's evil, or a freak...and it seems like these are all going to be the murder mystery type. It's fun, cute, quirky. i read this book in 2 days...yes i am a stay at home mom who does practically nothing...but still. easy reads, and totally fun. pick it up. i already started book 2, grave surprise...
i love how sometimes i decide to capitalize and other times i don' happens when i constantly email and text from a phone instead of this keyboard. anyway, love you guys and miss you. BCB fa life!


  1. it's been added to the long list of books that i have yet to read.. i hate that i'd rediscovered fanfiction.. :( it's practically ruined my life.

    i'm bringing my book to work.. hopefully i can read some tonight.

  2. Yeah for someone finally blogging again. I was so excited to see someone else with a blog on this page. It's been awhile. I'm trying to start a book my friend just lent me but we shall see if I can get into it or not.