Saturday, October 18, 2008

girls i'm sorry, i am fighting...litterally throwing down with our blog right now. i will fix it i promise.

love you guys. o and i lost the pics we had on the site...whoever put them on...please replace them b/c i dont have them all.

miss ya


  1. bwahahahhahaa...

    and just Uffray...

    it's all good!! we'll get it to look the way we want it soon enough..

    ps.. i got $20 on JD for this throwdon.. :)

  2. thanks for your confidence. but technology overwhelms me.

  3. it'll be fine.. blogger is a bitch sometimes..

    plus it's like 230am for you.. bwahhahaha

  4. o and the pics are back...thanks to val's magic on the computer. so no worries on pics. if you dont like it pleeease change it...i just wanted to see something different. would you rather something black and white? or simpler? just let me know.

  5. o and dude, kristin, you need to put your blog as a contributor...that way it doesn't just say texa-cali every time you post...and it can say kris and cj :)

  6. wahoo!! it's fixed!!

    looks great!

    i'll try and whip something up for the banner.. but i need some ideas or some pics to work with.. what do you guys think?? pics of us or pics of our books??

  7. twilight something or other has to be involved...i mean it is the foundation of the blog

  8. Looks great I love it! I agree it needs something twilight or another with the title. Val how do I put my blog as a contributor so I can add me? Also how the hell do you guys find these cute back grounds I can't figure it out. I'm sick of mine already.

  9. hey do you see the blue button up on the left had side of the webpage? click on it and it will give you directions ;) call if you need help.

  10. kris,

    i'll send a link to your email and then click the link saying that you want to be a contributor or something like that.. and then it should be good to go..

    i'll send the link again though..

    i'm working on something with the banner right now... i'm in no way a pro, so it's going to look pretty rough, considering.. i hope you guys like it though..