Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Okay girls, so I wanted to blog about his book that I read about a month ago. It's a really short story and an easy read, but it's nothing like the books we've been blogging about. Although there is a short love story that goes along with the book, it is mainly about the life of a Bin Laden women. It's a true story of Osama Bin Ladens sister in-law, Carmen Bin Ladin. Basically it is Carmen's life story of what it was like being a part of the Bin Ladin family before 9/11 happened. It is really interesting and eye opening the reality of the whole thing. It makes me appreciate my up bringing and my life here in America. It does not really go into details about what happened on 9/11 or even to much about Osama, however it gives you insight into what life is like for Islamic women and how behind they are compared to America.  I know it may sound boring but it is really good and like I said before, it's a quick read. 



  1. kristin,

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  2. oh good I was hoping you would send me this, thanks.

  3. hey i haven't read that but my grandma did...and she recapped everything for me. it was verrry interesting. cool pic kido.....kido is my new word. i say it all the time.