Monday, October 6, 2008

A Great and Terrible Beauty

Ok girls, I mentioned this book when you came to Texas but now I am on the second one in the series "Rebel's Angels". JD I think you will really love these books! They are so Harry Potter-esque. Gemma Doyle, sixteen and proud, must leave the warmth of her childhood home in India for the rigid Spence Academy, a cold finishing school outside of London, followed by a stranger who bears puzzling warnings. Using her sharp tongue and agile mind, she navigates the stormy seas of friendship with high-born daughters and her roommate, a plain scholarship case. As Gemma discovers that her mother's death may have an otherworldly cause, and that she herself may have innate powers, Gemma is forced to face her own frightening, yet exciting destiny . . . if only she can believe in it. There is also a quasi-love interest in the story named Kartik who is a part of a brotherhood called the Rakshana, and his job is to track Gemma and keep her from using her powers. So there is a "forbdden romance" element in the story as well. The story is set in the Victorian Age, and it has a gothic feel to it, and it is AMAZING!!! You guys pick it up at the local library! Or I am pretty sure they sell the first two books in paper back.


  1. danni i think you could write the exerts on the back of books. i feel like a douche half the time, cuz i don't know what to tell y'all without giving stuff away.

  2. Me too!! i feel like i can't write anything except the title and the author.. i don't want to get into the story.. becuase i'll start to give it away..

    danni, you wrote that.. i really thought that you had taken from the back of the book!! wowzers!

    thanks for the rec.

  3. OKay so I just got this book from the library and so far it's pretty interesting. I'm on chapter 14 and i can't put it down because I'm curios to know what's going to happen. I'll blog again when I'm done.