Thursday, October 23, 2008


so... since i was reprimanded.. :P by JD for putting up a new banner on my blog without getting one up for the BCB.. i figured i'd work on one and put it up.. obviously..

please let me know how you guys like it.. if you want something to be changed or added or anything like that.. i haven't been feeling very creative lately so.... this is what you guys get.. JD came up with the layout.. i put it together.. however haphazardly.. :)

i tried to get the book bigger.. but it starts to look wonky.. give me some ideas and i'll try to work it in.. i'm working on saturday so hopefully, if it's gonna change it'll be on sunday..

ok.. peace and love...

you moved the tea!!!!!


  1. bwahaha were you whining?! there is no whining in book club blog!!! jk you know i was messing with you :) i like it...but u know on the other how the books were blacknwhite i think it would still be cute...try and see. i like it now tho too :)

  2. o and i liked the wholatta books in the background like the old one was...i just didn't wanna draw 4 million squares in my stick drawing.

  3. i'm not being picky. i promise. i love your work. you are an original da vinci

  4. wahoo 3 comments ALL from me :) i mean 4 now i guess.

  5. okey dokes...

    i'll work on it again when i get home... i don't have the program on my computer at work or else... i probably wouldn't ever get any work done..

    it's not too busy right with all the spots and flower thingies??

  6. lord almighty!!!

    i leave one comment and then when it refreshes there's like 14 in it's place!!

    bwahahahaha... jd went a little post a comment happy! bwahahaha...

    ok.. i'll fix it when i get home..

  7. Oh my gosh I love the new blog topper!! Or header...whatever its called. It is so cute!!!!!!!

  8. that is one pimp tight bloggin header!! wohoo

  9. better, eh?

    i even got the picture bigger!!

    yippee skippy!!