Sunday, October 26, 2008

Something Blue

Let me just take a minute and say how much I LOVED this book. And now I just love Darcy. I hated her so much and now I love her!!! I cannot wait to read "Baby Proof"! Have any of you read "Love the One You're With" yet? Emily Giffin is a very talented author. Her stories are so real and believable. It is almost like she is telling the story from personal experience. I got my cousin Teri to read "Something Borrowed" and she finished "Something Blue" before I did and is now reading "Baby Proof"! And I had a feeling Goeffrey and Sondrine would get together after he brought Sondrine home that one night. Did any of you get that feeling? Girls thank you so much for making me read this book! And Val thank you so much for mailing it to me. When JD sends me the PC Cast books and I finish reading them, I will mail all the books including "Something Blue" back to you! The next book I am starting is called "The Time Traveler's Wife". I will let ya'll know how it goes! Then movie is coming out soon and it stars one of my favorites, Rachel McAdams!


  1. hehe...i totally agree...something blue rocked my face fact i just love how things just end and make life better...because it all ends the way you want it to. all i have to say is thank you ethan for being real with darcy! i haven't read either of her others yet...i have no money to buy books and i feel like i want to own all of giffins books...o and something blue is you can mail it to me (unless val wants to read it again) :)

  2. danni, send something blue back to jd, and i can send out Baby proof if you want it...

    and i really love my pc cast books.. i'm glad jd's pimping them out around abilene.. they're definitely getting their money's worth!

    something blue was cute! i really liked reading it.. i love the change that darcy went through.. and i said it to danni when she was finished.. i was kind of sad that rach and darcy weren't friends anymore.. but it wouldn't be realistic for them to just fall back into being great friends... especially since the foundation of their first friendship wasn't solid anyway.. but i might be projecting just a bit.. :P

    great book!!

  3. i love darcie too! Wait, who is Darcie? Ok ok, I must admit.... everytime I am in a store that has books I walk by the stephanie meyer books and I am VERY tempted to pick one up and buy it. But I have a problem....which is the first book in the series? I just might start reading as long as you promise me that it is a GOOOOOOOOOOOOD book and not some corn pong book.

    I miss ALL you girls. Well, except for Danni. I mean I miss you but I get to see you :)

    Oh and by the way, I FREAKN LOVE the pic for the header!!! :)

    Val, how did you do that? Mine is ALL jacked up! I can't get it to fit and change the colors to match my header.

  4. Kellianne!!!

    You should definitely read the Books.. Twilight is the first book it's the one with the hands holding the apple.. it's so good!! seriously.. we all promise that it is a goooooooooooooood book and not corn pong.. whatever that is.. :P

    JD picked the background so i just tried to make a header with the same colors..

    and from what it looks like.. your header is waaayyy too big.. it's more like a background for your desktop than a header for your blog.. don't get me wrong.. i love it!! baby blue and brown are my favys.. but it just needs to be resized or cropped a little..

    thanks for stopping by.. come by more often.. :)

  5. oops.. nevermind about it being too big.. it looks great at the top.. was it off center a few days ago??? i think i'm going crazy..

    anyway.. if you go to your dashboard and then Layout you should be able to change the colors of your page that way..