Friday, October 3, 2008

Something New

this book was absolutely fantastic. y'all know that it is in Darcy's POV...and i think it is hilarious that every person says they are turned off from that in the beginning because of how dreadful she is as a character in Something Borrowed. well, needless to say, this is the end to the Darcy/Rachel/Dex saga...and i loved it. can't wait till y'all read it so we can talk!


  1. Okay, so funny because I was about to log on and blog about this book. I just finished it and Jd you are so right? I didn't like it at first because I was so annoyed and utterly shocked at how ridiculous Darcy is. What's more amusing is realizing that there are actually people like Darcy living and breathing around us. Anyway. I loved the book and I'm so glad to have read it. I'm proud to say I didn't even peak in the back on either of her books. Good selection JD loved them both!

  2. i'm glad you didn't look to the end of the book before, kris.. it shows willpower!

    i'm reading it right now.. i'm only on page 20.. which pisses me off because i should be a lot farther along, but it's been a crazy day...

  3. ooooo hurry and read it val...kris i wanna know your fav part...i think...and it maybe the twilighted dirtiness in me but i love the backrub part that so and so gives darcy (trying not to give anything away to val and danni). emily just knows how to write scenes that nothing really happens but has sooo much meaning. anyway. peace (said in my low ghetto twang).